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"Rolling sound ... speed ... action!"
Words the boys in SoundSpeed are used to hearing as actors on the iconic teen television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. In their roles on the show, four of the six lads played in the band Stüdz, and their personal and musical chemistry soon made them realize that forming their own band was a no-brainer.

All in their 20’s, in addition to Jamie on rhythm guitar and vocals, SoundSpeed is comprised of Ray Ablack vocals, Dalmar Abuzeid on bass guitar, Shane Kippel on drums, and non-actor Sean Farquharson on lead guitar.

The boys spent their first summer as a band testing out their own music and lyrics at clubs and private functions. SoundSpeed participated in, and eventually won a battle of the bands series in Toronto. They held their debut showcase and CD release party in early 2010 to which over 1,000 attended. A few weeks later they played to a crowd of several thousand at Free the Children’s, Me To We Day. The band are active participants and supporters of the charity. 

With a large fan base from the get go, and thanks to their supportive fans who have started street teams abroad, SoundSpeed are well on their way to success.

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SoundSpeed on Much Music, May 2010
, In A Category Of Its Own

Degrassi Boys Rock Out!
Listen up! SoundSpeed about to drop debut EP

SoundSpeed In The Moment






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In 2007, Jamie, Dalmar, Ray and other cast members travelled to Kenya for Free The Children to build a much needed addition to Motony Primary School in the Maasai Mara. These young stars had no idea what they were in for, but what they discovered was an experience that utterly changed their perspectives on the world. For two weeks they raced to complete the school-building project, laying foundations and toiling tirelessly in the hot sun while MTV cameras rolled, capturing this arduous physical and emotional journey.

Travel With Degrassi: The Next Generation
Free the Children
Degrassi Goes to Kenya
Degrassi Goes to Ecuador






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